Procedures and Requirements

Admission Procedures

  1. Upon return of the completed application, if an interview with the family has not already been held, one will be arranged with the principal.
  2. After the interview and after reviewing all other required materials (as stated on the application form) the principal will make the decision whether or not to admit the student(s).
  3. The principal will then notify the parents with the decision regarding acceptance. If accepted, the parents will receive an acceptance letter and a Transfer of Records form, if the student attended another school previously.
  4. All financial arrangements between the family and the school must be understood before an admission is considered final.

Admission Requirements for the Student

  1. A child must have reached the age of five years by September 1 of the fall in which he would be entering kindergarten.
  2. A child entering first grade must have reached the age of six years by September 1 of the fall in which he would enter UVCS.
  3. If a child has successfully completed the previous school year and his academic work and behavior compare favorably to the comparable grade at UVCS, the child will be placed in the grade for which he is applying. However, if there is evidence to show that the child may not be adequately prepared for the next sequential grade level, with the parents’ compliance, he may repeat the previous grade.
  4. The child should understand that his parents have delegated their authority to the school. Thererfore, he is subject to the instruction and discipline of the teachers and principal in their prescribed roles at UVCS.
  5. Upper Valley Christian School does not discriminate in any regard, against any student or applicant on the basis of race, color, or national/ethnic origin.

Admission Requirements for the Parents

  1. Though not required to be Christians, the parents should have a clear understanding of the biblical philosophy and purposes of UVCS. This understanding includes as willingness to have their child exposed to the clear teaching of UVCS’s statement of faith in various and frequent ways within the academy’s program.
  2. The parents should be willing to cooperate with all the written policies of UVCS. This is most important in the area of discipline (see discipline policy and UVCS rules) and work standards, as well as active communication with the respective teachers(s) and administration.