It is our mission to provide for our young students a Christian atmosphere where God’s love is openly expressed. It is our desire to meet each child where they are and to nurture their spiritual, physical, and academic growth in an atmosphere of love, confidence and mutual respect.

– We will provide each student with a Christian environment where learning takes place through guided instruction, peer interaction, and everyday situations and experiences.

– We will instill in each student a love of God, allegiance to country, and respect for all people.

– We will aid each student individually in their area(s) of struggle with kindness, patience, and encouragement.

– We will aid each student in the formation of appropriate socialization skills with his/her peers.

– We will provide each student with a firm foundation of academic learning by providing daily reading, number, listening, and motor skills that will prepare them for success in First Grade.

– We will provide each student with ample time to explore and build skills in the use of Kindergarten materials and equipment.


Our school follows the Washington State requirement that a Kindergarten student be age five by August 31st of that school year. Individual testing will be completed by the teacher prior to entrance to determine at what level each child is. It is preferred that a student be at least ten months ahead of their chronological age in regard to academic and physical skills; however, this is not a prerequisite to entrance. Several factors, including level of maturity, will be considered when determining Kindergarten readiness. Below is a list of common readiness skills:

– Identify some letters of the alphabet

– Grip a pencil, crayon, or marker using thumb and forefinger

– Use scissors, glue, paint, and other art materials fairly independently

– Write his/her first name

– Count to ten

– Bounce a ball

– Classify objects according to their size, shape, and type

– Speak using complete sentences

– Recognize some common seen words like “stop”

– Identify rhyming words

– Repeat his/her full name, address, phone number, and birthday

– Play independently or focus on one activity with a friend for up to ten minutes

– Manage bathroom needs

– Dress him/herself

– Follow directions

– Clean up after him/herself

– Listen to a story without interrupting

– Separate from parents/guardians easily

Please note that if your child has not mastered ALL of these skills, it will not be assumed that he/she is not ready for Kindergarten. We will always view your child as an individual creation of God.