1st – 8th Grade

We believe that students are created with varying gifts and needs. We also believe that God has made each person in His image with rational, emotional, and social abilities. The following programs are examples of how these beliefs have been integrated into our elementary curriculum.

Reading/Language Arts

Communication skills are important for God’s people as they live and work with others. Therefore, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing skills must be developed. Students are encouraged through cross-grade dictation and story composition, book making, writing and literature emphasis to work at their developmental levels. Workbooks for creative writing, spelling and handwriting help students learn these essential skills.

Social Studies

In a developing global community, students need to be aware of the different cultures in God’s world. Reviews of current events plus our regular social studies curriculum, all help students develop a global perspective.


Current teaching methods and curriculum are consistently evaluated to provide the best opportunities for students to learn important mathematical skills. The ability to solve problems and to explain one’s thinking is emphasized. Small-group tutoring or work with a teacher assistant may be used to help students with special needs in math.


God speaks in His Word and has spoken in His creation. Science gives students the opportunity to see, study, and wonder as they view plants, sea life, or cells. Our classroom programs, as well as outdoor educational experiences, promote those opportunities. Each grade level has a particular science focus for the year, which is supported through the use of hands-on kits and classroom or homework projects.

Physical Education

Gym classes are an opportunity for students to care for their bodies and use their motor skills to interact with others in wholesome activities


U.V.C.S has a worship band that performs at the weekly chapel and for special events.


Weekly classes with an art specialist help students learn to see God’s creation in a whole new way. Various media such as drawing, painting, sculpture and photography are part of the adventure as the students explore the visual frontier.

Field Trips

In addition to our annual outdoor education, several field trips are scheduled per year at each grade level relating to each classroom’s units of study. Parents may be encouraged to participate as chaperones on some trips.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued at the end of each quarter. Our desire is to have each student evaluate herself/himself as a person accountable to the Lord, rather than in competition with others. We believe this approach helps students to focus on their own skills and work cooperatively with classmates to develop each other’s talents.

School Hours

The school day begins at 8:00 am and ends at 2:45 pm. Students have three recess sessions during the day – one at mid-morning, one at lunch, and one at mid-afternoon. Kindergarten morning hours are 8:00am to 11:30am.


Students bring their own lunches each day and eat in our multi-purpose room. Once per week, students are provided with hot lunch as part of the tuition.

Books & Supplies

All student books, curriculum materials, and major field trip costs are included in the tuition fee/materials fee. Students bring P.E. shoes and other miscellaneous classroom supplies, as requested by their teacher. Parents receive a letter each summer outlining the supplies needed for the following year.